Mommy and Me Mindfulness: A Four Week Guide to Finding Calm, Managing Emotions, and Learning Self-Compassion

You’re a busy mom who wants the best for her kids…

A mother and her young daughter sit on a couch and smile at each other while working on a tablet device

But sometimes you get so weighed-down by taking care of everyone and everything else…that you put your own well-being on the back burner. If you’re like most moms, that bottled-up stress then comes rushing out at the most inopportune times…like when your little one is dealing with their own big emotions. 

What if you had practical tools you could use any time to help you control your reactions, manage stress effectively, and become the role model you know you can be? 

A mother meditates on a yoga mat while her three small children are active around her

In just 4 short weeks, Mommy and Me Mindfulness will help you and your child bring more mindfulness to the moments that matter.

Combining the best mindfulness insights, practical guidance, and fun activities, this course will help you and your child:

  • Navigate big emotions and become attuned to feelings now so you don’t have to struggle with outbursts later
  • Feel more self-compassion as you make self-care part of your healthy lifestyle
  • Experience more loving interactions as you cultivate greater social and emotional intelligence 
  • Feel grounded no matter what life throws at you as you learn to cope with stress and anxiety
  • Express emotions in a healthy manner as you discover a common mindfulness language

Enrollment for Mommy and Me Mindfulness is open. You can register for all four modules, or only buy the modules best suited for your child’s needs.

A mother meditates on the bed with her two small kids sitting on either side of her, smiling at each other

How the course works:

In the midst of juggling your child’s school activities, work, and maintaining your home, time is a precious resource. That’s why we designed the course with your busy lifestyle in mind .Complete at your own pace or do a short daily lesson and finish in 4 weeks.

  1. Listen to a daily audio meditation and prepare for the day’s lesson with a PDF overview. Experience the calm as you quiet your mind. Learn practical ways to use mindfulness to be less reactive in any of the roles you play on a daily basis.
  2. Watch a 4-15 minute video lesson with your child. Your child learns the basic techniques of mindfulness – catered to their developmental stage – in a fun and interactive manner. 
  3. Complete the day’s activity with your child. Build strong, healthy habits by completing an engaging activity that integrates each mindfulness lesson into daily life.

A mother and her son and daughter practice mindful meditation on the couch

Who can benefit from this course?

Moms who want to:

  • learn Mindfulness practices alongside their children
  • develop a stronger emotional bond with their children 
  • help their children identify and regulate big emotions             
  • learn coping strategies for themselves and their children
  • empower themselves and their children with self-compassion practices

Children ages 4-8 who:

  • need to build focus and concentration skills   
  • have a difficult time expressing and managing big emotions
  • experience stress and anxiety – whether general, social, or school-related
  • have attention-deficit disorders
  • struggle with self-confidence and self-love
  • get “stuck” in negative thought patterns when they experience challenges
  • could use a bit more patience
We hear you Mom…and we’re here to help you go from stressed out, overwhelmed, and frustrated to → calm, connected, and centered.

Join us on the Mommy and Me Mindfulness journey and experience:

  • Short 4-15 min interactive video lessons to help your child learn simple mindfulness techniques
  • Daily audio meditations and PDFs with lesson summaries for mommy
  • The latest scientific research to help you understand your child’s behavior patterns
  • Engaging and fun activities to build healthy habits
  • Breathing exercises you can do anywhere, anytime
  • Self-care practices so you and your child can cultivate greater self-compassion and confidence
  • Printable resources to refer to when you’re on-the-go

Start building a happier, healthier family today.

Moms Have Said:

I am a mom of 2 children, a wife, a professional, a daughter, friend, sister, the list of the roles I play is long, and for that, I am so grateful. It can also be super overwhelming at times, knowing I want to be the best at all of them, all of the time.

My 6-year-old is a carbon copy of me, so she knows exactly how to bring out the best and the worst in me as a mom. It is the “worst” part that is always devastating. 

In going through this course and talking with Sarah and Erin, I realized my biggest challenge was communication. I was setting unrealistic expectations for both my daughter and myself. So focused on wanting to fix and move on, that I wasn’t listening and appreciating how we got to the challenges. Throughout this course and my video chats with Erin & Sarah, I was able to build a little conversation “toolbox” for both my daughter and me. These word phrases, breathing exercises, and pausing moments were true turning points in our day-to-day interactions. 

For example, my daughter suggested that we really needed a three-breath hug the other day when we weren’t seeing eye to eye. Such a gratifying moment for her to express and want to resolve at 6. So much progress! I cannot recommend this course enough for moms like me that are just trying to do their best navigating being a parent, especially in these crazy times. ” – Merri F.

I was looking for something that would allow me to connect with my child in a more mindful way. I think the format of the course is nice – I can work through it at my own pace. Courses like this are needed during these times! Children (and moms) are having to process difficult emotions that even adults are having a challenge processing. It’s nice to have a framework of ideas to help us pause and name our emotions before responding to situations. Thank you!” – Heather S.

“I had no doubts about the program and I knew it would be a great fit for our family. Throughout the course, my daughter Eliana understood that there are all kinds of different feelings that come to you. She learned how to communicate with me about it. It has made our relationship better and I am confident she will use it for years to come especially when she goes back to school. It was well done all around:-) You are a great fun team!” – Katerina E.

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