Mindfulness for Women and Moms

If you often rush in to help others even before thinking of yourself…you’re probably a woman or a mom.

Being there for others is much simpler when we treat ourselves the way we treat our loved ones.

As women, putting our needs first isn’t easy. But you probably know from experience how much harder it is to give from an empty well. 

A woman meditates on a yoga mat with her dog

Imagine being able to respond to life’s stressors or your child’s tantrums more peacefully. Imagine no longer feeling guilty about self-care because you have simple techniques you can turn to even while taking care of the day’s tasks.

Ever see pictures of others meditating and wish you could find some calm in your life on a daily basis? 

Maybe you’ve tried to meditate before and weren’t sure if you were doing it right? 

Our classes provide you with simple and effective mindfulness practices you can use anywhere and anytime to feel more at ease.

Private Mindfulness Classes for Women and Moms

Practicing mindfulness helps you replace old negative behaviors and thought patterns with positive ones.

Together we’ll help you apply mindfulness into your life. Unlike most mindfulness programs you may have tried, the key is that we will be sure to address any obstacles holding you back from living a more balanced life – whether that’s the loud voice of an inner critic or ruminative anxious thought patterns.

Book a private session today and get:

  • Custom mindfulness instruction and tips for integrating mindfulness into your daily life
  • Guided meditations to help you relax and release negative mental habits
  • Reflection questions to help you apply the insights to your current situation or challenges

Gain the skills to manage stress and take better care of yourself – no matter how crazy the world gets. Sign up for a private class today!

Private Mindfulness Class

30 minutes


*We also offer packages for multiple class sessions. Contact us to learn more.*

I highly recommend Erin’s mindfulness classes. I’m a busy mom, working full-time and parenting two teenagers, so finding time and space for self-care is a bit challenging at times. Erin’s mindfulness sessions have been inspiring, enjoyable, and calming all at the same time! Best of all I’ve learned some techniques that help me become more calm and focused in those stressful moments with the kids. I look forward to continued mindfulness learning and practice with Erin.”

— Michele D

A pregnant mom happily practices mindfulness with her young daughter and small dog

Private Mindfulness Classes for Moms and Kids

Spend some quality time with your child or teen and learn powerful mindfulness practices together. 

Build an emotional toolkit with a common mindfulness language that you can use any time to:

  • Express emotions in a healthy manner
  • Feel more self-compassion
  • Experience more loving interactions

Each session includes instruction, a guided meditation, and reflection questions to help you apply the concepts from each lesson.

Strengthen your bond and learn how to be happier humans together.

Private Mindfulness Class for Mom & Child

30 minutes


*We also offer packages for multiple class sessions. Contact us to learn more.*

“I took Erin’s Mindfulness meditation sessions and so happy I did! She has such a great way of educating you on elements of meditation and walking you through different types of meditation practices. She creates such a warm and calm environment to learn and grow. I highly recommend Erin in any capacity if you are looking to learn more about mindfulness, meditation and how to incorporate into your daily life.”

— Jerilyn L

Women’s Mindful Moments Meditation Class Series

Go from stressed to calm in 4 weeks as you learn the basics of mindfulness and meditation.

Mindfulness and meditation practices to help you:

  • Learn how to calm your nervous system on the spot
  • Feel more self-compassion and self-love
  • Respond to life’s challenges with resilience and ease

Each class in this 4-week series centers around a core topic of mindfulness so that you can fully focus on integrating it into your life.

In each 30-minute class you’ll get instruction and guided meditation practices along with reflection questions to help you apply the insights to your situation.

Join other ladies in living more mindfully today. Spots are limited!

Women’s Mindful Moments Series


Next Series begins January 2024

Topic: Mindfulness for Moms: Nurturing Resilience and Well Being

Future class series dates and topics:

TBD – Stress and Anxiety

TBD – Gratitude

TBD – Self-Care

A group of women walk down the street with links arms, smiling at each other

Girls Night Mindfulness Gatherings

Looking for a way to decompress with your girlfriends? 

Try something new and plan a girls’ mindfulness night!

Bring the girls over for a fun time to discuss and practice simple mindfulness and meditation methods.

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, looking to do a small women’s retreat, or host an event as part of a women’s group, this class can be a wonderful way to add more fun and education to your program!

We come to you. Either virtually, or if you’re in the Ashland, Massachusetts area, for an in-home gathering!

Girls Night Mindfulness

$160 for up to 8 people

Contact for a custom quote for in-person events or groups greater than 8

What a great birthday present! I had a group of women at my home who I thought would benefit from this awesomeness! We all felt so at ease by the end of  just ONE session! I am planning on having other group sessions because of such positive feedback I got from the other women!!!! I would highly recommend a group class! Thank you again Erin!

— Lauren S.

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