Mindfulness Programs for Schools and Teachers

Happy learning environments start with happy people.

As an educator, you probably chose this profession because you want to educate, inspire, and uplift the next generation.

And one of the best ways you can do that is to manage your own stress and nurture your own well-being.

Studies show that children are attuned to their teachers’ moods. Kids can pick up on a teacher’s stress – even if the teacher tries to hide it

You’ve probably experienced something similar when you’ve been around someone who’s anxious. You can feel their stress even when they try to put on a calm and happy face. This is because our central nervous systems actually have the ability to pick up on the nervous systems of others.

Children learn much better when their teachers are happy and they’re able to build stronger relationships with them.

We absolutely LOVED having Ms. Erin come to our school to work with our students in PK-grade 3. From our initial meeting, I knew Erin was the right person to introduce Mindfulness to our students. So much has impacted our students during these past three Covid years, and our staff urged the administration to look into providing meaningful workshops for the children, and that is EXACTLY what Erin offered. For eight weeks, Erin was a real part of our school. She was prepared for lessons, provided workshops and further classroom insights for staff, and always provided a letter to go home to parents regarding each workshop she presented to our students. She made real-life connections for our students and staff, and they are already asking when she’ll be back in the school!

Sue Gosselin, Principal of St. Michael School North Andover, MA
children sitting on brown chairs inside the classroom

When stress isn’t addressed, it shows up in the school environment with problems like:

  • Deterioration in classroom behavior
  • Teachers having short tempers and yelling at students
  • Less work completed than usual (both for students and teachers)

Teachers’ professional development often focuses on things like technology or state testing. Yet it often disregards the important piece of managing personal and emotional wellness. 

Luckily, mindfulness practices provide simple and effective ways to manage stress and well-being even in a busy work environment.

Research has shown that mindfulness can help teachers:

  • Improve emotional wellbeing
  • Understand a students perspective
  • Be more effective in the classroom

Teachers and educational professionals who engage in mindfulness practices can pass on those skills to their students. They become a role model of a more mindful and compassionate way of interacting with others.

Learning to bring mindfulness into your personal and work lives can be simple with the right guidance.

Young children of all ages in the hallway of a school wearing backpacks

Practical Strategies for Happier School Environments

Let us help you relieve the stress in your school with mindfulness. We offer:

  • Custom in-service programs
  • Professional staff development workshops
  • Classroom instruction
  • Teacher workshops
  • Parent workshops

Ready to see how Erin can help you?

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Founder of Happy Humans, Erin O’Connor, is a Mindful Schools Certified Mindfulness Instructor. She’s a former kindergarten and first grade teacher with over 20 years of experience in the education field. She has taught mindfulness to students, parents, teachers, and school administrators like you and is happy to create custom-tailored programs for your school or district.

Erin was such a pleasure to work with! She created a custom program to meet the needs of our school during these unique circumstances with valuable lessons that worked for a variety of ages and the students engaged.

Ashley Graham, Enrichment Chair at Joshua Eaton Elementary School

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical length of a workshop or training for teachers or school staff?

Workshops are typically 60-90 minutes depending on your school’s needs.

Do you provide ways for teachers to teach mindfulness practices to children?

Yes, I teach practical strategies teachers can implement in their classrooms.

Can these trainings be done online or in-person only?

We can do both – online or we can come to your school if you are in Massachusetts.

“I first met Erin during a professional development on our first day of school. Erin presented our staff with a clear, thoughtful and positive perspective on mindfulness. It was explained to us how mindfulness can be beneficial not only for our students but also for our educators. At the time, I did not have a lot of experience with mindfulness but I was eager to learn. It was a great way to start our school year!

Later that year, we learned that Erin was returning to our school to teach in our classrooms. I was thrilled. While I had the best intentions I didn’t know where to start. Erin provided teachers and staff with grade appropriate, thoughtfully crafted classes each week. She led our class in one lesson per week and provided extensions to share with parents. During each lesson we gathered, practiced and discussed mindful listening, gratitude and staying in the moment. Each week I sat alongside my students and learned a new technique. I was pleasantly surprised to see how my class slowly transformed. I’ve noticed students growing in empathy, patience and compassion. Once students start being kind to themselves, they also start being kinder to each other. I’ve learned to model and lean upon my techniques during transition times. I have used mindfulness to strengthen classroom management. My students have adopted gratitude jars and mindful minutes to reflect. Our whole classroom climate has changed.

We are all learning to make note of feelings and emotions. We are all learning to find ways to acknowledge and address these emotions in positive and constructive ways. We are all learning to be mindful of each other and ourselves. I am so lucky Erin came into our classroom and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow from future lessons.”

— Catie Robidoux, 1st Grade teacher, Saint Michael School, North Andover

“Erin is awesome! I appreciate how down to earth she is and her approach to the topic. She included loads of good information, practical applications and presented the topic in a clear and concise manner. I would love to attend a workshop that focused on the next step in this….applying it in the classroom. Armed with the fundamentals, now how can I as a teacher begin to add this as part of my practice every day with my students.”

— Kindergarten Teacher, Reading Public Schools

“I reached out to Erin to see if she would be able to set up a mindfulness presentation for fifty-four 8th grade students who were on a class retreat.  We wanted to provide them an experience they could use in their lives to prepare for the many changes headed their way when they enter high school.  Erin worked with us to put together a mindfulness presentation that was a wonderful experience for our students.  Anyone who works with this age group knows that there will be all sorts of reactions when there is something “new” or “different”.  Erin was able to engage all of the students and lead activities that were meaningful to the them.  We will definitely ask her to come back and work with future classes!”

— 8th Grade Teacher, Saint Michael School, North Andover

“Our school district brought Erin in to work with our youngest students to support them with coming to school and learning strategies to be mindful. Erin was extraordinary in her practice and the impact is evident in our students. We now have three and four-year-olds who can self-regulate, and that is the best gift to give a child this early in life. Erin is so impactful and powerful.

— LisaMarie, Assistant Superintendent Newburyport Public Schools

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