3 Ways to Becoming a Role Model of Resilience

A daisy thrives despite sandy soil.

With spring in full bloom, I can’t help but notice how effortlessly everything seems to grow. Even despite occasional storms, the pink flowers on the tree outside my office window still transform into bright green leaves. Nature is gentle and resilient at the same time…and we can bring both of these qualities into our lives and teach them to our kids as well.

Because sometimes one of the hardest things to do in raising children is finding the balance. The balance between lovingly supporting them AND helping them become independent and resilient regardless of what storms appear throughout life.

So how can you become a role model of resilience even in tough moments?

Here are some simple strategies to help you step into your own power the next time you’re dealing with a rough situation – whether personal, at home, or at work:

1. Focus on your strengths

Bring to mind all of the ways that you’ve handled challenges in the past. Start celebrating your successes more often – no matter how small. This will help you regain a sense of confidence in your ability to navigate whatever arises in life. You will show your children that even when life presents challenges, they have the inner strength to keep moving forward.

2. Call upon your creativity to find a solution

It’s easy to think in terms of what’s missing in our lives. But so often the solution is just around the corner – in thinking outside the box. Consider how you can be creative in solving a problem by using the resources that are already present in your life. This allows your child to become aware that there are always new ways they can find solutions. With a dash of imagination and creativity, opportunities become unlimited!

3. Look at the big picture

When you find yourself in the heat of a difficult moment, take a few deep breaths. Pause and take a step back…is this situation as scary, frustrating, or challenging as it initially feels? Your mind can sometimes make it feel as if your physical well-being is at threat even when your body is physically safe. Often, we just need to zoom out and look at the big picture. This helps us see that many challenges are just tiny bumps in the road that we can handle. 

As you recognize how strong you are, you show your children that they can believe in themselves too. And that’s how you teach them that they can be gentle, loving, nurturing AND resilient at the same time.

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