10 Ways to Increase Your Brain’s Superpower

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Have you ever wondered how kids can remember new things so fast

Like when you say a phrase they haven’t heard before… and they repeat it for days to come? Or when they watch a new movie and instantly remember the names of every character?

The reason a child picks up new skills or habits in no time has to do with their brain. It’s super open to absorbing new information – but so is yours!

Contrary to what you may have been taught, your brain does not stop growing when you reach adulthood. 

Your brain continues to develop throughout your life. Your neurons connect based on the things you do, say, or think on a consistent basis. 

This is what’s referred to as neuroplasticity.

It’s a power that YOU can use to:

  • Strengthen your cognitive abilities
  • Build positive lifestyle habits
  • Cultivate positive states of being – like joy or gratitude 

Here’s another simple way to put it:

What you practice gets stronger. 

So if you consistently practice thinking or doing something you want to strengthen, it’ll become easier and more natural.

This is why mindfulness is so powerful in helping you cultivate more peace in your life. 

When you practice being calm and centered, you’re strengthening the neural networks of calm and ease in your brain.

Here are 10 fun ways to strengthen your brain and increase your neuroplasticity:

  1. Play memory games
  2. Do a sudoku or a crossword puzzle
  3. Play chess or checkers
  4. Try a jigsaw puzzle
  5. Learn a new language
  6. Do some yoga or physical exercise
  7. Take up a new hobby like dancing or painting
  8. Learn to play a new instrument
  9. Write or journal
  10. Learn one new word every day

Many of these can be great activities to do with your little one, so you strengthen your brains together. Plus, you’ll be wiring your brain to get used to having more fun in your life too! Enjoy!

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