How to sleep better and wake refreshed every day

A mother stretches in bed after waking up rested and rejuvenated after using tips and tricks from Happy Humans Mindfulness to sleep better

When you woke up this morning, did you feel rested and energized? 

If yes, great! 

Nothing is better than sleeping through the night and waking up refreshed AND excited to start the day

But if you’re like most moms who can’t get enough quality sleep (or struggle to help their kids get better sleep), what I’m about to share might help:

You can train your mind and body to relax at will! So you can consistently get deeper and more restful sleep.

First, it helps to identify why you can’t fall asleep or stay asleep at night…

Is it because your mind is going over tomorrow’s to-do list? 
Or because your body’s restless and you can’t get comfortable?

A woman makes a gratitude list before bed to help quiet her mind

If your mind is too full or you feel stress or anxiety before bed, try these:

Make a Gratitude & Excitement list: Grab a journal and make two columns. In one, note 3 things that went well today. This is your Gratitude list. In the second column, list the top 3 things you need to do tomorrow. Add something you’re most excited about doing tomorrow – whether it’s looking forward to eating breakfast with your family or finishing a project around the house. This is your Excitement list. Doing this helps you get things out of your head and onto paper…so your mind can relax.

Try Bedtime Belly Breathing: The key to clearing mental clutter and anxiety-inducing thoughts? Direct your attention to the present. One way to do this is to focus on an anchor point…such as your breath. When you’re in bed, put one hand on your belly and slow down your breathing. As you inhale, feel your belly rising. As you exhale, feel your belly falling. Do this until your mind feels calmer, and you start drifting off to sleep. 🙂 

If your body feels restless and you keep tossing and turning or wake up in the middle of the night, try these:

Tense & Release: Take a deep breath in. Hold it and tense up all your body’s muscles at once. Hold this tension for 5 seconds and then release. You might instantly feel a sense of relief that will help your body relax and ease into sleep faster.

Do a Bedtime Body Scan: The body scan is a powerful mindfulness practice where you bring awareness to one body part at a time. As you’re lying in bed, start by shifting your attention to the top of your head. Then slowly bring your attention down to your face…neck…arms…chest…belly…hips…legs…and feet. Notice what each body part feels like as you’re resting. Simply being with the sensations without resistance allows your body to feel safe, which can help promote sleep.

A woman turns off her phone before bed to ensure a night of restful sleep

Bonus tip: Turn off electronic devices at least an hour before bed. Studies show that blue light has a negative impact on sleep because it disrupts your circadian rhythm.

As you lay down each night, be grateful knowing that you have done your best for the day…and that tomorrow is a gift waiting to be unwrapped by you!

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