Say goodbye to “Mom Guilt” with these 3 tricks!

A black mother rejoices her decision to let go of her mom guilt and focus on herself.

Do you ever find it hard to do things you enjoy because you feel bad?

Maybe you want to have a night out with your girlfriends…or spend some time alone reading a book or jogging – without feeling guilty that you’re not with your little one!

Working with a lot of wonderful mothers, the theme of mom guilt comes up again and again in our private mindfulness sessions.

And first, I want to say, “I see you. I know how hard it is!”

So hopefully these three tips can help you ease the guilt and acknowledge what an amazing mother you are. Especially as you give yourself permission to do what YOUR heart desires too!

With mindfulness, you can practice replacing guilt with something positive.

When you notice the sensation of guilt come up, notice where in your body you feel it most. Be with the sensation without pushing it away. Then transform it by using one of these:

  • Reframe it: It’s not mom guilt, it’s love

First, recognize that mom guilt is simply an expression of deep love. It’s love for your little one that is so great that you’re willing to sacrifice your needs and desires for your little one.

But you also can’t forget that you must love and care for yourself just as much. Otherwise you’ll be one stressed out momma – and that doesn’t help you or the people you love!

  • Cultivate self-compassion

When you feel like you’re not doing enough or that you should be doing more with or for your little one, give yourself some grace. Practice what it’s like to feel compassion towards yourself.

One simple thing you can try right now: put your hand on your heart and simply say “you’re doing great; I love you.” At first, this may feel odd, but over time you’ll be able to do it and genuinely mean it.

  • Gather evidence of why YOUR joy is just as essential

You’ve probably heard of the importance of refilling your tank first. But that is easier said than done. So to stop the guilt of doing things you enjoy, start gathering evidence that shows how a happier YOU equals a happier family.

After you do something fun and enjoyable for yourself, write down how you feel. Then over the next 24 hours, notice how you’re treating your little one or your partner. You’ll start seeing a pattern. The better you feel, the better you likely relate to them. Which means you no longer need to feel guilty about doing what lights you up!

Even the smallest act that you do for your little one helps them grow and be stronger and happier than before. But every act of love and kindness you do for yourself is just as important!

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